Better Candidates For PM than Rahul and Modi

Everywhere In India there is discussion on prime       ministerial candidate   for    the coming election  2014. Both ruling parties and opposition parties have been debating over this for the last few months. Both parties are not able to declare their candidates for PM office.
Some people are of opinion that congress is not willing to declare Mr. Rahul Gandhi as prime ministerial post candidate,now the question is who will lead the congress in 2014 election ??..
  Before going to discuss this one should not forget about the statements that Mr.Rahul Gandhi has made recently.This clearly,reflects the fact of being unclear on this fact .Same situation being faced by another party BJP, BJP too is not taking  the risk of declaring prime ministerial candidate although Naredra Modi is very popular among young workers. BJP can't take the risk of facing trouble.
  Apart from these two there are another candidates who can serve PM Office do know more about the better options(candidates) for prime minister post click here .

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